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Quality Roofing Services

Are you looking for a qualified roofer Kansas City residents trust? Do you want a team that gets the job done quickly? At Storm Contracting, we believe that everyone deserves a good roof. That’s why our professional team works hard to make your roof the best in the area. Our watertight solutions and exceptional quality have made us a household name in the region.

Our roofers Kansas City homeowners rely on, will provide top-tier solutions with:

  • Residential roofing
  • Commercial roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Roof repairs
  • Siding repairs
  • Hail damage repair
Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

We understand that there are many roofing companies in the area, and it can be challenging to choose the best one for your establishment. So, what sets Storm Contracting apart from the rest? Our team would never try to sell you something you wouldn’t need. We love to see a secured structure over your head, and never compromise on quality. 

When you call us, you will receive:

Fair Quote

Experienced roofers

Licensed contractors

Exclusive warranties

Genuine advice

Guaranteed works

We are the Best Kansas City Residential Roofing Company

As a local Kansas City residential roofing company, we aim to deliver exceptional quality each time you connect with us. Whether it’s a repair or a new roof, everyone wants a durable structure. Our roofing experts will ensure that the job is done correctly. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to complete any job with precision. How do you know you need to call our certified roofers? Anytime you see damage to your shingles, gutters, or attics, please don’t waste your time with a DIY solution. Roofs are the most fundamental part of your home, and leaks can weaken your foundation in the future.

Storm Contracting is one of the most esteemed roofing companies Kansas City. We have worked on some of the most challenging roofing projects in the city and have completed them in record time. Our rates are extremely affordable and rarely do we compromise on quality. We are considered as one of the most reputed roofing contractor Kansas City. We are a team of experienced, highly skilled and well-trained roofing professionals who leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations. As a trusted roofing company Kansas City, Storm Roofing KC is willing to go extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to get a free roofing estimate.

Our roofing company Kansas City MO homeowners rely on

We offer a flexible selection of residential roofing solutions that fits your needs and budget. Some of our top-line services include:

Gutter repairs and cleaning

Roof repairs

Roof inspection

Leak repairs

Damaged shingles repair

Shingle replacement

Roof replacement

Routine maintenance

Residential re-roofing

Strom Contracting Roofing Companies Kansas City

Our roofing services enhance the value of your home and make it energy efficient. We are a fully certified and licensed residential roofing company operating in the neighborhood for many decades. Besides, we are experts at installing all types of roofing, from fiberglass shingles to slate, cedar, and all kinds of metals.

The climate also plays a massive role in damaging your roof. That’s why you need to contact our highly-rated residential roofing company for the most customized solutions.

Over the years, your roof may suffer from many problems, including:

Strom Contracting Roof Shingles


Storm Contracting Roof Repair Services Kansas City


Storm Contracting Roof Repair Services Kansas City


Storm Contracting Roof Repair Services Kansas City

Damaged flashing

Storm Contracting HOA and Multi-Family Homes roofing services Kansas City


Storm Contracting Installation Services Kansas City MO

Missing granules

Commercial Roofing Kansas City

Hire us for Commercial Roofing Kansas City Business Owners Can Stand By

Are you a commercial owner looking for rock-solid roofing solutions? At Storm Contracting, we truly go the extra mile for our clients. That’s why we are the number one company for commercial roofing Kansas City business owners swear by, in the region. With decades of experience and unparalleled service, it’s no wonder we are the first choice when it comes to installing commercial roofs in the neighborhood. Commercial roofs are a different ball game, and you need superior experience to handle any project. So, when looking for roofing Kansas City homeowners trust in, you should never negotiate on quality. Contact our pro team for a free consultation and see how our exceptional skills help you out.

We have flexible commercial roofing solutions for small business owners and large industrial entities. Explore our different commercial roofing solutions by starting with a roof inspection and evaluation report.

After that, our team will discuss the best ways to lighten your load with these top-line offerings:

TPO roofing

EPDM roofing

PVC roofing

Metal roofing

SPF roof coating

It is also vital to identify the best roofing system for your property. Also, our experts will help you to understand how to maintain it correctly to help it last for a long time. 

Our team will also recommend improvements depending on the type of roofing. We will assess your roofing system and develop a cost-efficient solution that will increase its life. For the best commercial roofing Kansas City has to offer, call or email our team today!

Most commercial roofs have the following elements:

Roof membrane




HVAC systems


Penetrations like pipes, vents, and more

We Offer Metal Roofing Kansas City Homeowners Love

Are you looking for top-tier metal roofing Kansas City residents can be proud of? Metal roofs have exceptional quality and longevity, lasting 50-80 years without any severe repair. Metal roofing systems are incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose a personal style effortlessly. Also, one of the best reasons for installing a metal roof is the amount of cash it can save you. It saves you up to 50% on energy bills every month over other structures. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our pros and install the most durable construction over your head.
When configured and installed correctly, metal roofing gives you more value than any other material. Also, it creases the aesthetics and protects your home from wind, rain, hail, fire, or rot.

Our roofers Kansas City residents love working with, provide a flexible range of paneling options that include:

  • Mechanically seamed panel
  • Corrugated metal roofing
  • Exposed fasteners
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Snap lock metal paneling
The top of the house or log cabin with nice window.

Our roofing Kansas City residents trust in, is taken care of by a specialized team that has extensive knowledge and offers an unprecedented level of customer service. Storm Contracting is your best choice for all your metal roofing needs. Our team can handle a wide range of projects and answer any customer query. There are also some awesome benefits of our metal roofing installation that you need to consider, like:

Uniquely designed metal roofing

Wide range of color combinations

Lifetime/transferable warranty

Hidden fasteners for weather tightness

Top-quality up to 99% recycled aluminum

Factory-made custom flashings

So, if you plan to install any metal roofing Kansas City citizens trust in, you simply can’t go wrong when choosing from our styles.

Contact Us for Any Roof Repairs Kansas City Homeowner Need

Are you concerned about roof damage? Do you want reliable roof repairs Kansas City homeowners trust in? Please, don’t lose your sleep because we are here to help. Our elite team has performed hundreds of residential roof repairs and will use the best quality products for your home. Some warning signs show your roof needs urgent remedial work. 

So, watch out for:

Broken or missing shingles

Stained ceilings

Damp attics

Wet insulation

Breaks in the roof

Missing or broken seals around chimneys

Our roofing company Kansas City, MO citizens swear by, will perform a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage. We have certified technicians who will tell you exactly what needs repair and the best options within your budget. Our certified inspectors will thoroughly assess your roof’s condition and only fix what isn’t working. Whether it’s regular maintenance or one-time leaks, our professional team is always there to help. We will evaluate the conditions and give you an honest quote. When you work with our team, you will receive:

  • Detailed plan and explanations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regular progress reports
  • Thorough cleanup
  • Financing options

Roofs are the most vital components of your home, and regular repairs help to:

Lengthen the life of your roof

Saves long-term costs

Repair damages before it becomes worse

Eliminates mold growth

Protects our property

Ensures the curb appeal of your home

Please contact our team for roof repairs Kansas City residents boast about, immediately once you notice any problems with your roof. Our team will provide cost-effective solutions that are tailor made for your home.

Our Specialities:
Residential Roofing
Commercial Roofing
Roofing Company Kansas City MO Homeowners Rely On

We offer a flexible selection of residential roofing solutions that fits your needs and budget. Some of our top-line services include:

Roof Inspection
Roof Repair
Gutter Repair
Shingle Roof
Metal Roof
Tile Roof
Roof Replacement
Routine Maintenance
Gutter Cleaning
Look for dented gutter, gutter screens, or downspouts.
Checkout for damage to the siding
Damages to the decks or painted wood surfaces
Missing, curling, or moved shingles

Check for cracks and buckling

Fixing missing or broken shingles

Leak detection and repair

Identify potential threats

Present detailed report

Fair Quote

Experienced Roofer

Licensed Contractor

Exclusive Warranty

Genuine Advice

Guaranteed Workmanship

Additional Roof maintenance services

We understand that there are many roofing companies in the area, and it can be challenging to choose the best one for your establishment. So, what sets Storm Contracting apart from the rest? Our team would never try to sell you something you wouldn’t need. We love to see a secured structure over your head, and never compromise on quality.

Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

Exterior Siding

Boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home with an exterior rejuvenation. Contact Storm Steam to get started.

Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

Gutter Maintenance

Having functioning gutters can save the foundation of your property. We can clean, repair, and install an efficient gutter system on your home.

Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage can turn into a costly problem if ignored. Call a trusted KC local on the Storm Team to take care of any concern.

Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

Wind Damage Repair

Damage doesn't happen as much in Kansas City, but can still be costly if you don't catch it when it happens.

Quality Roof Services and Customer Care 

You are always at the top of our priority list, and we won’t ever settle for anything less. We understand that putting your money in a new roof or a roof repair is costly. That’s why our company offers affordable prices that are the lowest in the industry. So, whether you require a commercial or residential roofing solution, we are always there for you and can’t wait to work with you. Please contact us to speak to our professional roofers for any roofing project.

Storm Contracting Roofing Services Kansas City

Our Roofers Offer Kansas City Hail Damage Repair Services

Storms can wreak havoc on your roof, leaving you with leaks, property loss, and stress. Thankfully, our exclusive Kansas City hail damage repair has you covered. Our personalized and award-winning services will protect your structure and give you peace of mind. Sometimes, you might not notice any significant damage after a storm. That’s why you need to call our certified inspectors, who will pinpoint any issues and help you make the correct decision. 

You should also know about some telltale signs that will require repairs on your attic.

  • Look for dented gutter, gutter screens, or downspouts
  • Checkout for damage to the sidings
  • Look for damage to the decks or painted wood surfaces
  • Missing or curled shingles

You should immediately contact our roofers Kansas City homeowners trust, for an assessment and quote. The severity of hail damage rests on several factors like roofing materials, roof age, the slope of your roof, and the quality of construction. You must call professional contractors to determine whether the damage is functional or cosmetic. After that, you need to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider. It will help you to get an estimate of the repair work. 

We have trained eyes and modern equipment to spot damages and provide exceptional Kansas City hail damage repair for your roof. Our team goes to the root of the problem to find the most enduring solutions that will future-protect your structure. So, reach out to our team without delay and get the best repairs at an affordable rate. 

Frequently Asked Question

Roofing FAQ's

Many signs are evident, and some are not so easy to see. The more obvious signs would be missing or damaged shingles on your roof or multiple stains on your ceiling from roofing leaks. Less obvious would be storm damage from hail, because that needs to be assessed based on a thorough roof inspection.

If the damaged area is wind related many times, we can replace just the damaged shingles. If it’s based off of hail damage we recommend replacing the entire roof, as you pay good money to insure your home.

Yes you can. As long as the temperature exceeds 40 degrees your new roofing system will be installed properly.

There are certain types of roofing that will decrease your energy costs. Several residential options include “cool series” varieties of shingles or switching from a wood shake roof to a shingle roof. Commercially switching from an older roof to a new TPO roof could save your energy costs.

Absolutely! Increased curb appeal along with a sound new roof will significancyl increase property value, not to mention it protects you investments, assets, and most importantly family.

That’s a very relative question. If a hail or wind storm damages your roof we recommend a full inspection and ultimately you could require a roof. If a storm impacts your home yearly you could need a new roof yearly. If we are not discussing storm events, your roof could last 30-40 yrs depending on brand and style.

Nationally a new roof on average will cost a homeowner $15,000. It is all determined by the size of the roof in question. Commercial roofs can range from $10,000- over a $1M.

All depends on the type of roof needed. Residentially we recommend architectural shingles as they offer the flexibility that other types don’t offer. We can also install wood shake, tile, slate, metal or commercial flat roofing systems.

Shannon Spradlin
Shannon Spradlin
Donald came out to our winter home in Olathe and replaced our work out roof. He did a great job
Frances Martinez
Frances Martinez
What a great company!!! I had a limb on my roof that punctured a hole in it and they came right out and tarped it. They met the insurance adjuster and handled everything! A few months later, the same thing happened, again and again, they handled everything! I recommend them to anyone!!!!!!
William jones
William jones
Great place to get your roof needs done. Customer service is exceptional by Mrs. They were personal with getting my roof done in a timely manner and did extremely good work.
Elizabeth bestowed
Elizabeth bestowed
We used Storm Contracting several months ago for inspection and repair work and will certainly use them again when it's time for a new roof. He is very knowledgeable, explained the repairs needed, and gave us great maintenance tips.
Probably the most professional company I've dealt with in the last 10 years. The owner and his team replaced my roof in a day and communicated throughout the entire process. He even sent pictures of damaged areas so that I could make informed decisions. Most highly recommended!
Rock Martin
Rock Martin
Storm Contracting is very professional, and does excellent work! We highly recommend Storm Contracting for all of your roofing needs!
Joseph Salinas
Joseph Salinas
A roof is a roof right? Not if you ask me, it's not. My roof is my castle and I am its king or queen. And when it comes to my roof, only the best will do. That's why I went with Storm Contracting when it came time to get my roof replaced. They did an excellent job from start to finish. The price was fair, and the workmanship was impeccable.
James Taranto
James Taranto
Last week during the rain I noticed my roof had a leak right dab in the middle of my living room where I was going to have a party! I called up 3 roofing companies. I decided to go with this company whose price was in the middle and they promised to attend to my need real time. The roofers came within two days and they worked diligently to make sure the roof was repaired before they left. I was able to have my party without any worries!
Walter Cotton
Walter Cotton
When I needed a roofer, Storm Contracting came highly recommended. They were professional, competent and on time. They made all the necessary repairs to stop my roof from leaking. When it came time to add gutters to my house, there was no other roofer that I would trust other than these guys. They did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results.
Pablo Schultz
Pablo Schultz
Metal roofing can be a challenging project to undertake especially for inexperienced roofing companies. My girlfriend who had worked with Storm Contracting before suggested I try them for my metal roofing installation. I gave them a call, and they came over to give me an estimate. After seeing their roofing portfolio, I decided to use their services, and I do not regret it one bit. Their metal roofing service is impeccable for lack of better words


You should immediately contact our roofers Kansas City homeowners trust, for an assessment and quote. The severity of hail damage rests on several factors like roofing materials, roof age, the slope of your roof, and the quality of construction. You must call professional contractors to determine whether the damage is functional or cosmetic. After that, you need to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider. It will help you to get an estimate of the repair work.